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Explaination Time.

My previous post wasn't that intelligible. Now that I've calmed a bit, let me elucidate.

1402 hours: Woman comes in to buy a Coach bag, wallet, keychain, conditioner and cleaner. Grand total, 512$US before tax.
1405: Ring sale. Suspended so I can call the bank.
1406: Call credit authorization. Get tol I need to call someone else after extended hold.
1412: Call cash office. Confuse the two newbies.
1416: Call MasterCard. After longer hold, get told to call card issuer.
1424: Call CapitolOne. Put on hold.
1431: Get authorization code.
1432: Customer changes mind.

Admittedly, I was expecting her to. You do not wait a half-hour and still feel okay about your credit. But her reason had nothing to do with that. Her reason?

"It just isn't RED enough."


[UPDATE] She came back and bought the bag. From someone else. RAGE.
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