May 26th, 2008

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[WTB] The Art of... Books

Hey, folks. This is an odd thing for me, but I am looking to purchase things from people.

Specifically, real world things, to be purchased with real world monies.

As some of you may know (and many others, probably not), I am a college student. I go to an art school. I'm majoring in Game Art and Design. One of my instructors suggested that we pick up art books as often as possible. While I dropped his class like a lead balloon because he was a pretentious whorebag with no concept of how to teach... I digress... I did take the idea up as something I should explore. But rather than look at the "great masters" as he suggested, I'm looking towards the modern masters of the craft I plan to join and someday hope to be considered amongst.

As more and more games come out with limited editions, they are providing gamers with books containing the concept art and design processes that go into the games. I want these books. If you have any that are simply gathering dust or you're willing to part with, hit me up. We can haggle price and such.

Also, if you have any of Syd Mead's books, you can tell me and I'll just weep.

Thanks muchly.