March 6th, 2008



The week before and after the 13th of this month have traditionally been full of fail.

This year is no exception.

This weekend, a good friend of mine (Enforcer: Catboy) was set to come down from Seattletown and rock the shit out of Portland with me. He was also going to drag another friend of ours (Enforcer: Indigo) up north from Eugene as to get this shit started.

Indigo backed out last night. Finals.

Catboy had to back out tonight due to food poisoning and related illness.

I cannot begrudge either for not coming up. But it still sucks. This would've been the last time I'd have the opportunity to see Catboy before he left for school in Spokanistan (Spokane, WA) at the end of the month, at least until PAX. And probably only PAX from then on.

Which, given that I might become part of the gaming industry, might only be twice more.

I am suitably depressed. And there is too much alcohol in the house to be healthy.

At least the place is clean. ._.
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