December 31st, 2006

Rocket Surgery

2006: Year in Review

January: Left Malm Luggage.

February: Moved. The moving process was a big clusterfuck of immense proportions. First hax of my RPC site. Lots of bullshit interviews. jaiden, moving north, is unable to swing by to see me due to his need for broadband.

March: More bullshit interviews. Mass depression prior to my birthday. Turn 27.

April: Finally get a job with Portland Luggage.

May: Meet adequatemagic and amilori. Break my foot whilst WALKING.

June: Plod.

July: Got an air conditioner. Met Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon in Seattle. Found an old highschool friend. Ran into glamazonwarrior as she was passing through the area.

August: Lots of RPC hax. PAX PAX PAX PAX PAX.

September: Become addicted to Guitar Hero. Got my first character to 50 in City of Heroes. After much lamenting throughout the year, finally secure an interview set at Yahoo!.

October: Job get. Go to Corvallis to get my DL. Quit retail (hopefully). Went to Seattle to hang with jaiden and other Enforcers. Work two days at Yahoo! before getting canned.

November: More bullshit interviews. Decide to go back to school and start working towards that. Spend Thanksgiving with my folks for the first time in many years. RPC site haxed whilst I'm gone, and haxed hard. Switch to a different BB prog.

December: Officially get into school. Spend Free Stuff Day with my folks for the first time in ages. Burn out the AGP slot on my motherboard (That's new, for the record).
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