November 27th, 2006

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[Life] General Purpose Posting

Greetings and salutations.

Thanksgiving (or as I like to call it now, DAY OF FAT) went well. I was strongarmed (read: they said "twist" and I was all "OW!") by my parents into coming down on Wednesday to spend a few days with them in Corvallis. On Thursday, we trapaised to Newport, and had dinner at my grandmother's. It was the first holiday I'd spent with my family in six or seven years, so it was good.

Friday, the RP Congress, my CoH webboard site, got haxed something fierce, and many parts of the forum were deleted. My backups were unable to restore some of the data due to the length; thus, even though we recovered quite a bit of data, there was some serious hosery to be had. If you run a phpBB-based board, or know people whom do... Be cautious. You may want to suggest the idea of switching to a more secure free board program, like SMF. It's what I (read: a fellow Oregonian and boardmember whom now lives in Israel) did for the RPC. BUT! Nothing happened between the 11AM call on Friday and around 11PM on Saturday, because I was still in Corvallis, and all my backups were localhosted. Whee!

I have begun the process to enter into the Art Institute of Portland. Should all go well, I'll have a BFA in Game Art and Design by my 31st birthday.

I want a Wii. Fuck you if you have one, 'cuz I can't play it. Q_Q

Nobody apparently wants cardz (see previous post).
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