November 10th, 2006

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing


So, life as it stands:

Job: None. Hunting, still.
Applications: About 10 a day, average.
Interviews: One. Telephone. Went nowhere.
Job Offers: 10. About as believeable as getting the fortunes of a Nigerian estate.

Gaming: Always.
Bully: Beaten once. Working on a second go & 100%.
CoX: Waiting for Issue 8.
Guitar Hero II: ROKK.

Everything else? Nothing, really.
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Spinny Globe Thingy


So, I get a call, dragging me out of blissful slumber and into the cold reality of life. Some young woman, asking if I can be in to a business in Portland proper by 10:30 for an interview.

I look at the clock. It reads 10:00.

"I'm afraid that's a little early for me," I reply. Even if I was awake, showered, dressed and just stepping on the light rail train, it would be about 40 minutes before I would arrive at her locale.

"I see. Well, thank you for your time, anyway. Have a good day." And before I can ask if I might schedule another time, she's off the phone.


Second call. The phone is still in my hands from the last call... Gentleman would like me in prior to noon. Given that I'm unshaven, unshowered, not dressed and don't really know where they're located, I ask if there's a better time. He's more reasonable, and I have teh_intarview at 4:30. It sounds odd, I must admit. But, hey, jorb's a jorb. I'll find out more about this strange new idea in car sales at half past four.

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

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Hm. Flat rate auto sales. Sounds reasonable.

Medium pressure sales. A lot like retail. But with more monies.

The guy's eyes bugged when he asked what I was used to, salary-wise, and I told him. Since he was saying that low performers are expected to get around $3k a month. And I'm used to a little over half that. :3

Crossing fingers. It'd be a good jorb to have so I can put monies away and go to skool later. :D