June 17th, 2006

CoH - Manticore - Buh?


I get on the MAX (Portland's light rail system) this morning, and I sit down. Hearing a commotion, I look behind me as a yellow-vested woman tells a blonde teenage girl in pajama pants to get off the train for failure to pay her fare.

"I'm not getting off the train. I'm just going to the next stop!"

This is repeated over and over again as the woman and another TriMet farechecker try to escort the BMX-holding blonde off. She's not budging. This repeats itself for a good five minutes, thus ensuring that I'm late for work. The police eventually arrive, and she refuses to budge for them. Soon she is taken, kicking and screaming, from the train, because she just needed to go one more stop.

Uh, you have a bike, honey. The next MAX stop is a whopping three minute ride away. Instead, your next stop is juvenile detention. Have a nice day. o_o

The day refused to get any more sane for me after that.
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