June 6th, 2006

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

z_z z_z z_o *poik*

I am starting to grow rather concerned about my sleep cycle, or rather, my lack thereof. I was up until almost three this morning, only to pop awake several times during the night, ultimately cumulating in my full consciousness at six thirty. This is obviously not a healthy amount of sleep, but this is still very typical. This is my regular sleep pattern since I started working for Portland Luggage, even on my irregular days off. My brain just won't shut off... I'll be exhausted, then I'll lay down and after about two minutes, my eyes will blink open again as a million different thoughts run through it. I've tried to keep a pad of paper by the bed, in case writing this shit down helps, but instead I've just filled a pad of paper with trivial ideas that feed off one another.

I wonder if this is endemic of the job; I have a coworker whom is addicted to sleeping pills and can't get to sleep without 'em. There is so little thought involved in my job that I don't know if that's where all my creative energies are running to, but I can't seem to focus. them. into. my. writing.

So, it's experiment time again; starting tomorrow, I'm caffiene free. It's gonna hurt, it's gonna suck, but it's gotta be done, in case it's the culprit.

I spent the last two days bored out of my skull at home. I expect to spend the next five bored out of my skull at work.
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