May 13th, 2006

CoH - Nutpunchers Anonymous

I really should update.

Hi, internets.

Last Saturday, I broke my foot. Stress fracture, hairline variety. I accidentaly walked the wrong way to get to a friend's gig after missing my bus stop when the next stop was three miles down the road, and I ended up walking about eight miles after spending 10 hours on my feets. I hopped off the MAX on my way home, and bam.

The doc told me that my current treatment methodology was sound. No drugs prescribed, much to my chagrin. I wanted vicodin, dammit.

Went and saw the friend's band play yesterday.

Met adequatemagic and amilori today. They took me to lunch. They are as nifty as they are online, if not moreso, in person. I can see this being a good transition from online friendship to an RL one.

I need to finish my reviews. And my resume. And my writing.
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