January 14th, 2006

Earthworm Jim - Fifi's Gone Bonkers


Well, my last schedule for work was written up yesterday. As I was writing it down, I started to go into a panic attack.

Two weeks, as of tomorrow, and I'll be unemployed again. Three weeks, as of tomorrow, and I'll be in Oregon again.

I have a list of things still needing to be done that is still rather large. Some of these require money, which I am in short supply.

I think I kludged my Comcast interview. I'm crossing my fingers something fierce for Yahoo!. Tossed my resume to Stream. First Tech Credit Union. Nike. Tektronix. Portland Luggage.

I'm twitchy still, but at least I'm not passing out on the bus. Like I did last night, after finishing writing down my schedule and leaving.
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