October 11th, 2005

Gravy Boat Killer

[Work] Follow-Up

So, here's the skinny on the entire incident.

  • 03 October - Hit by vehicle. Angry.
  • 04 October - Attempted to file police report. Due to private property thingies and no plates, fail.
  • 05 October - Go try and see doctor. Due to some dumb-ass policy, fail.
  • 06 October - Go to ER. Get treated, get medication. Oxycodone, flexeril. Told to continue taking naproxen sodium.
  • 07 October - Father writes email to Bellevue PD. Told to file report again.
  • 08 October - Nothing.
  • 09 October - Nada.
  • 10 October - Zip. Zilch.
  • 11 October - Finally report incident. Hallelujah. Get case number for work.

And my back still hurts. My wrist has started to act up. And my oxycodone runs out tonight. Hopefully, I can ask my Medicine Cabinet coworker (whom apparently has about a year's supply of the stuff) to bring some more in.

And, if I see the driver and car again, I have a case number and an officer to call when I get plates. Maybe I'll take them off her car first. For a memento.