September 23rd, 2005


[Work + Life] Zoo, Work Kwon Do and PDX

Gonna be in Portland from, oh, Eleven AM PST to about Six PM PST on Monday. Visiting parents, checking on apartmants and condos, testing out this 'being responsible' thing I've heard about.

But anyway, other stuff.

Hit the Woodland Park Zoo with tarx and her mother. Took lotsa pictures (though one got corrupted). Most of the animals were asleep for most of the day... Don't blame them, I certainly wish I could do the same.

While at the zoo, my manager called, which is the real highlite of this post. My job title has been eliminated. No more Second Assistants, just Store Managers, Assistant Managers, Keyholders and Sales Associates. So, I am now an Assistant Manager. Promotion! WOO (A store of seven people and three assistant managers is funny to me, in a 'zomg that's sad' way rather than a 'haha' way). This also garners me a raise of a buck fiddy, which, while less than what I was expecting, is nice and fine and tasty. Eleven fiddy an hour to read magazines most of the day (Luggage retail ain't that exciting)? SURE.

At this rate, if I were to stay, I'd become store manager in March, DM this time next year, RM the next March, then start climbing my way into Corporate. If things were to keep working this way... I would be CEO in about three and a half to four years.

But I'm not staying. Retail = Hate. Hence why I'm looking at places in Portland. See you in a bit. o.o/

PS: [CrypticMessage] Ky Kiske may get his frillies now. >;D