May 8th, 2005

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[Life] Blink.

So, work continues to bugger me with craptastic scheduling, irritable managers, crash-course training and various other bad things. We're getting a new store manager (yay), whom has made a horrid first impression on everyone (boo) and is apparently missing front teeth (eww). Hired sight-unseen by our regional manager (gah). RM also failed to grant my coworker, Aaron, an interview (grr) despite his qualifications, such as being hired for the same post in two other locations just minutes before they were closed by higher-ups (gah), being offered the assistant post here numerous times, and being currently the manager at the golf shop he's also a pro at. This snub made him put in his two-week's (noo). So, anyway, work is my little bed of drama.

I think I might be starting up an ulcer.

Trying to meet with an Academic Advisor at the University of Washington. Wanna see how much financial aid I'd be eligible for... I need to get back into school. I'm poor as it is, with no free time.... how much worse could it be if I was a full-time student with a part-time job?

Girl on the bus I keep running into... Cute, was wearing a messenger bag she'd convinced her (male) roommate to buy, despite the fact that he knows nothing of it's meaning: "I Love Yaoi". I told her I found it amusing, and thus began a conversation. Ran into her the next day. Then a few days later. Another few days later. She's a great person to talk to... and apparently she thinks the same of me. She has bestowed upon me this information: her name, phone number, WoW server and character name. We're making plans to hang out when my schedule calms down. This means I know someone outside of work whom didn't follow me up from Olympia. \o.o/

From my friend Mikel: Best Commercial... EVAR.

Oh, did I mention it takes me an hour to get to and from work, at least? And since I mention that, off I go. I miss you, internet, when I'm gone. Q_Q
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