February 2nd, 2005

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

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As asked, I shall post about my life.

My manager, homeschooled to an amazing 5th grade edjumication, is playing mind games with the whole staff, leading in the method of Josef Stalin. Keep your eyes down, don't draw attention to yourself, but be useful... lest you wind up in the Gulag or executed.

I joined a gym, but haven't had much opportunity to go, and when I had, I lacked motivation.

I'm looking for other work, mostly because my current income doth not afford me more than a bare minimum. My bills suck up over 80% of my adjusted income, and if not for the generosity of my parents, I would flounder and fall. In good news, however, I should get over $900 back from the IRS this year.

I'm halfway through reading Return of the King. I hate to say it, for fear of offending any Tolkienites, but I prefer the Peter Jackson vision. The interactions are more real and the story seems to have a better flow.

I play CoH as much as usual. The RP group I run with is really good, with a buncha great people. It's fun to play Viet Commie healer with a bunch of Shouty Russians. I'm even writing for it. :O

I joined MotM as King. I've had my ass handed to me by Sakura, thanks to the fact that she WOULDN'T STAY DOWN, no matter how many times I danced on her face. And I hate my IC place of business. A mall cafe. Ugh. My inner King feels like the previous King kicked me in the stomach a few times. I feel... saddled. It does not fit my idea of what King would run.

Uh, I have an idea on how I'm gonna rearrange my furniture in my apartment. I just need to clean before I can. And it's gonna require some rewiring and cable solutions (twist ties or something similar).

I can't sleep, so I'm posting.

The Punisher for the PC is a good 3PS. It's fun.

I need to get a copy of The Sims 2. It's also fun.

My life is obviously wrapped around gaming, as you can tell.

Oh, new icon. I seem to like sottish squirrels.