November 15th, 2004

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[Life] Welcome to Big City Public Transport.

Get on bus. Play iPaq game. Smelly fuck gets on bus. Decides to play with fire.

This asshole interrupted my game to ask if I was using any hair product. The gel in my hair still drying, I reply that, yes, I did use some today. I go back to game. I start hearing the flicking of a lighter behind me. I turn around, and he's flicking the lighter up near my head. When asked what he's doing, he announces his intention to see if hair product really does catch fire easily. I inform him that under no circumstances am I to be a part of this experiment.

He keeps flicking the damn lighter.

I ask him to stop. The bus driver asks him to stop. I try to find a seat to move to, but there's none available, and the fat fucks surronding me refuse to budge. Repeat several times, until the flicking finally stops... because he gets a light. He grabs my head. I swat his hand, protest, but he keeps it there. I spin, target and let my fist fly. Knuckles make contact between asshole's eyes. He falls back, dazed. The driver hops out of her chair, escorts the fuck off the bus. Goes two stops. Asks me to leave as well.

No charges filed on either of our parts... Him, because he's a fuckwit. Me, because I got to clock the sonuvabitch. I'm still allowed to ride. He, hopefully, won't.

I hate public transportation.
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