October 12th, 2004

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[TV] Well, I Hate You Too, NBC.

NBC decided to kill the reveal of the Last Comic Standing 3 winner. A thirty minute reveal episode has been cut down to an announcement in the middle of a bunch of reruns of another show that's been on the air a whopping six weeks.

After the ratings of season 2, they forced out Season 3 in two weeks... I guess they didn't get the plunder they were hoping for. And, well, for good reason. Season 3 was not like the other two LCS seasons... It was pure stand up battles. LCS2 won out because it was one part standup, one part reality show, and one part TEH FUNAY. LCS3 lost a great deal of TEH FUNAY due to having none of the reality. It was a sad choice, really. It was okay, as I got to see the season 1 crew in action... And, well, the only real funny one was Dave Mordal, and I think he out-played the other 19 comics utterly. He should be the winner. I wanted to see him crowned the Last Comic Standing, dammit.

Why cancel a FINALE?

I hope Dave Mordal's pissed. I am.

[EDIT] Oh, and he lost, too. I call bull.
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