February 24th, 2004

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[MU*shit] Characterage.

So, because not everyone knows where I am anymore (or doesn't really give a rat's ass, but that's another story), here are my characters in full:

  • Black Gate MUX: Rugal, Sol
  • * FurryMUCK: Kuo, Locust
  • Kiai no Musha: Tae
  • MacMUCK: Kuo
  • PhoenixMUCK: Junior, Selde, Vincent
  • * RefugeMUCK: Kobun
  • * Rival Schools MUCK: Blaze, Ryuji
  • Shards MUSH: Phoenix
  • Soft Reset MUX: Barkeep, Zacca

(* denotes that I rarely log in, so you're unlikely to find me there.)

agermain... I bet, since I'm pointing this out, that you (and pretty much you alone) can guess whom my Shards character is. It had to happen sometime.

But, also, in case you play one of these other games I'm delved into, you may find me there too, so here's those.

  • Ragnarok Online (Chaos, Loki & Sakray): Former Kafra Employee
  • Gunbound: Ruru, Kuo435

And, of course, there's here.

In other news, the job hunt plods along at the speed of an elephant's bowel movements.
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