November 9th, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

[Gunbound] Random thoughts on avatars.

If I had a Paid Account (which I would if PayPal didn't require a freaking credit card), I'd ask this as a poll.

GUNBOUNDERS! Your avatar... Do you go for stats, or for looks? Do you keep a theme on either end?

For example. Someone gave me a Space Marine outfit when I started. Soon after, I purchased the Suntan head. And bing! I became K' from King of Fighters.

Now, however, I've got myself some Night Vision goggles and I'm trying to get the Radar and the Hwarang Do head so I can get major angle bonuses.

But I miss my theme ideas. If I could, I'd buy a bunch of things and create more characters. Collapse )
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