September 24th, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing


So. Monday came, and tarx and I trekked the two hours on the bus to the Amtrak station to greet Everguest, whom was coming up for a few hours before departing for Seattle, where he would be joining his parents and his sister for his sister's birthday.

After exchanging pleasantries, inside jokes and computer processors (the man works for AMD), we kibitz as we wait for the bus. As anyone whom has ever taken mass transit knows, whenever you're dealing with limited time constraints, the bus is ass.

We pay for his bus fare, and in exchange we get lunch. Which is totally unfair, but he insisted. Sigh. Poor moochers, we. Having just gone back onto low carb, we were forced by the severe lack of non-bready items to break the diet for this meal. Oh well, shit happens. At least it was good.

Here comes the fun part. We just miss the bus that'd ge us to the station with time to spare. The next bus is scheduled to arrive one minute after the train is scheduled to arrive. Not good. We try and call a cab, but that's at least a 40 minute wait, which is also too long. After some finagling, I finally figure out a bus that gets us close by a good twenty minutes before the train wants to arrive, and it's a fifteen minute hoofer.

Hop off at the appropriate time, hoof it over there, and wait. And wait. And wait. Had been told on the phone that the train was about 6 minutes late... But ended up being about twenty-six instead. The bus we could have taken for a nice, leisurely ride right to the station had come and gone by the time we saw EG off.

Overall, it was fun, though I wish there had been more time and more lienency in the transportation issue. I hate not having a car, especially in cases like these. Personal transport is so important an option...

I need to get my DL again. ._.
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Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

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