July 22nd, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Weekend Update...

Well, my weekend, anyway. Having Sundays and Mondays off is a nice thing, as it's close enough to all y'all's weekends. But on to the update...

Saturday was the last day of my workweek, and due to Lakefair downtown, it was s-l-o-w. On a whim, I call my parents, but get their voicemail... Leave a message and then continue to pretend to work as there's nothing to do...

Then my mother calls me back. o_o Apparently, my parents AND my grandparents had been trying to get ahold of me for the last week or so, but have kept getting the message 'This number is not currently in service'. I need to remember to call Qwest and ask them what the hell's going on. But. After a nice little talk with my parents, they give me my uncle Robert's telephone, as my grandparents are staying with him. So I call, and they're glad I did, as they were coming up on Sunday to take me to lunch. Unexpectedly. o_o

Find out the Italian Job has just been dropped from the theatres here. Weep.

Arpeed as Vinnie on Phoenix. I'm sure that he's coughing up dust from lack of use. c.c

Got up early for my grandparent's arrival, cleaned house a bit after tarx decided to go berrypicking. Grandparents come, we go eat and chit-chat, then they drop me off, hand me a Franklin, get some pics of me, and go. All told, they spent an hour up here, and three driving up and back. I feel a little guilty that they spent all that time driving only to spend so little time with me.

After the lunch, tarx and I went out to the mall. Whee, the mall. Not too many of you can really understand what this mall really is... There are department stores larger than this mall. One floor of the downtown Seattle Bon-Macy's is about the size of a third of this place, and that store has 7 salesfloors...

Plus, I work at the mall. But I digress.

We went to go see Johnny English at the mall cinema. Apparently, some people enjoyed watching me squirm during the uncomfortable scenes than they did the movie. Personally, I liked the flick, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. I'd been psyched up for The Italian Job all week.

After the movie, we came home and futterputzed about. Did some Seng and Selde sceneage, played some GTA3.

Ran out to the grocery store, picked up a bit of foodstuffs in preparation for actual tabletop AD&D game that our neighbor is running. tarx is reprising her old role as a wingless Avariel cleric, and I'm playing a half-orc COMMONER. Five adventurers, and then there's this country bumpkin with a scythe. After literally cutting a man in HALF with said scythe, the adventurers realize that he's not just your average bumpkin. Just a kid with potential...

Lots of roleplay. The GM told us that usually he does this adventure in one session. We did so much roleplay that we got about halfway through, but the GM loved every moment of it.

Drank too many Mike's Hard Lemonades too quickly.

As for today, the cat kicked me off the bed twice last night, so I continue to sleep poorly. The heat is getting to me.
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