April 25th, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

News 'n Stuff.

Just a few tidbits of information on what my life's been giving me...

  • tarx got another job! HOORJ!
  • My past has come to find me. A somewhat-stalkeresque individual from high-school left two messages on my voicemail yesterday. She's in Olympia for a few days, and wants to meet up. Methinks I shall avoid this like the bubonic plague. (No, stryypgya, you probably don't know her.)
  • My parental units are coming up on Sunday. HOORJ.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is eating up all my gaming time. I have come to really enjoy holding people up for dogtags.
  • I've been getting in spotty, but good, RP as Selde on Feen.
  • I've been selling things for extra income. Books mostly. It's a shame that most of the books I want to rid myself of noone wants. I've got this nice-sized stack of random shiznit that I have no use for, and nor does anyone else, for that matter. I still need to hit the local games store to see what I can get in trade for the assload of Hunter books I have. Maybe a GURPS Basic...
  • I'm still trying to get those OSTs off my hands. Do none of you have interest in anime music? I would think that some of you would at least consider the Resident Evil 2 OSTs of interest.
  • I am legally identifiable again.
  • I am planning an online comic, based off of some writing I did as a senior in high school. The comic should hopefully be somewhere between a Shirow Masamune omake, Mac Hall and Trigun. If you can envision that, I salute you. I have a character design, but no name for heem. I shall oekaki a headshot and ask for your assistance later.
  • I was wrong. Easter wasn't a paid hollieday. @_@ Next week's cheque's going to hurt. Maybe I can get my parents to take me to CostCo and get Substantial_Amount_Of_Foodstuffs(tm).
  • My tongue isn't working right, and my typing skills are starting to suffer, too. I hope that the L-Glutamine I've started to take will help fix all the damn typos and twisting of the toungage.
  • I am horribly addicted to Bookworm, on both the PC and Palm. My Palm likes to tell me things, though, which makes me think I've gotten the 'haunted' version. Quite literally, I have gotten games where the letters lined up perfectly for VESTPUTIAN, then ZIPLOCK, then ANSEM, then ISIOLIA, followed finally with, get this, BLOOD, LORD, LYNX. Of course, not one counted (except the last three). Then the MGS2:S references were abound. Then an entire game of sexual terms. Then something else. It creepy.
  • DDR MAX 2 just go upgraded to DDR Extreme. 8th Mix, baby.
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Anyway, that's all for now. If anything else comes up, I'll let y'all know.
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