March 29th, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

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Due to recent circumstances, I have said my goodbyes to both eisenkreis and arphalia.

This is something that does hang heavy upon my heart. Ashryn and I had been friends for some time, but the person I came to know and respect disappeared.

I leave for the same reasons I left the companionship of DarkKitten; the person in question stepped beyond a line that I dare not tread myself. They did something deliberately and willingly to emotionally injure someone that loved them. They found the place that would hurt them the most, and drove a kris into it, twisting the snaking blade at the right moments to cause further agony. And they felt no remorse for their actions.

Like everyone I've ever loved, Ashi will maintain a place in my heart. It'll just be a dusty corner.

Au revoir, mon chere.
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