March 14th, 2003

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Weird-Arse Dream BGMq

Rugal had a dream last night that Vesty got the One Ring. This MUX has now invaded my dreams. >_<

Relena /laughs/! ...But Vesty with the One Ring is kinna scary, ne?

Rugal nods to Rele. Sauron was resurrected, then collared. o_o;

Relena snickers!

Seven ponders how funny it might be if there actually was a Sauron played.

You say "And made Vesty's personal restroom attendant. x.x"

Seven shudders.

> Vesty shouts over the stall, "Sauron! Get over here with the toilet paper! And make sure you give me the CHARMIN this time! That Bounty crap you gave me last time gave me a rash!"

Relena dies. XD
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