December 10th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

I Am The Casting Director for TEH ANGST OF UOR LIEVS.

Aside from the Madison drama for which everyone and their mother has gotten partially involved (I exaggerate), there's more than enough drama elsewhere. Okay, at work.

  1. My coworker, Tabatha, quit on Sunday without notice.
  2. One of our holiday hires told managers that when Tab went to lunch, she was never coming back. Luckily, I was gone at this point, and didn't see the flaming ball of hate that was spewed after.
  3. Another coworker, Ivy, is trying to get yet another coworker, Kelly, fired.
  4. Kelly's trying to get Ives fired as well.
  5. Christina, one of our our merchandisers, is helping Ives in her desire to get Kel axed.
  6. Elenie, our signer, is doing a very good job of pawning her responsibilities off on others, then blaming them for not getting them done. Myself included.
  7. Kel left her husband yesterday. She was without any form of money, checks or credit, and without a place to stay.

Gee, I feel sane alla sudden.
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