September 20th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Work Weirdness...

My co-worker Ivy has no right to be this naive.

Today, she tells me to "guess what KY Jelly is used for."

After mentally exhausting all alternate possibilities, I finally tell her to tell me what exactly she means.

She then whispers, "It's used for SEX."


Clarification... She thought only backdoor intercourse. After expaination of the concept of friction in the vaginal area, she still couldn't wrap her mind around women using KY for regular intercourse.

This lead to a long discourse amongst my more experienced coworkers and myself on how to edjimucayte Ives in the ways of the flesh. Kelly (mother of a son Ives' age) wants to get her pr0n tapes. I think sending her on a trip through he local adult shop would help a wee bit more, and looks a lot better overall than handing her AstroGlide Anal Avengers V: An Outerspace Orgy, no matter how entertaining the reaction might be.

*shakes head* Oy.
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