September 4th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Life Update... ...and some tests, too...

I am officially hooked on Pump It Up, Andamiro's response to DDR.



DDR's all techno. That's cool and all, but Pump has techno, swing, classical, hip-hop, surf rock, metal, etc. And Banya is now one of my gods/goddesses. I've been playing the keyboard version at home, so I can Pump whenever I wanna.

In non-game-related news, I applied for a new position at the Bon... It'd be OFF THE SALES FLOOR. I might be able to survive Christmas again, as scary as that is. It's for the Merchandiser (stockperson) for Housewares. I'm psyched. I want this job soooooooooo bad, it's not even funny.

Although I think there's some conspiracy to keep me from getting the job. The hiring manager was told that I had a written warning, even though I thought my written had rolled over (I was told this in my last review, and wouldn't have even applied for the job if I thought I was in Written). Turns out that it was just a verbal, but the hiring manager never got told. I think I may need to show up early tomorrow to poke her and let her know the good news. In addition, the store manager herself doesn't want me in the position... Says I'm too slow, for one. Well, when you're working the sales floor AND stock AND training your coworkers AND doing two other projects as well, then, yeah. The Flash'd be slow. She'd rather me be a processor, to learn the ropes... Like any of the other applicants have the experience of restocking that I do. She'd like me to learn the product better first... The others applicants are all from clothing departments... And, for FUCK'S SAKE, I COOK TOO, YOU STUPID COW! The stock has not changed THAT much in the year and a half since I last worked over there... and I PASS THROUGH THE DEPARTMENT DAILY to get to my stockroom. Which was moved there recently. Which is about a quarter the size of the stockroom we had previously. IT'S A CLOSET. RAGE.


My store manager has really been feeling the need to bend someone over and ram her virtual penis up someone's backside, apparently. And I'd wager her target's me.


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