August 24th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Memeage! Aie!

I've been hit!

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The wild Da Kuo Otta' can often be found trudging around the Handbags department of the Olympia, Washington Bon Marche, looking for loose paper and fallen bags. While normally unarmed, the creature is still highly dangerous, and should be approached with caution. Or cookies. Oatmeal Raisin.
Strengths: Adaptable, Persistant, Agreeable, loves to learn. The Consolodation Master.
Weaknesses: Addicted to caffiene. Easily angered while at work. Fudges dice rolls in tabletop RPGs. Gets more stubborn when faced with stubborness. Online quizzes.
Special Skills: Can imbibe his weight in Diet Soda. Has eight to ten years of martial arts under his soon-to-be black belt. Can create room enough for one more of anything, anywhere.
Weapons: Rant, 2d4. Martial Arts, 3d10+8. Firearms, Weapon damage +1d6.
Major Allies: tarx, agermain, adequatemagic, eisenkreis, unclejam, happyturk, neomeruru, kibbles, greentease, jaiden.

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Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing


When I went up to Seattle, the original plan was that I was going to stay on my friend & former coworker Melissa's couch. Due to her being sick, I canned that & stayed at the hotel with my manager, Julie.

I've had five coworkers ask me how the Vendor Fair was. The next question, from each, was something like, "You and Melissa get busy?"


After I tell them that no, Missa Melissa was ill and I saw her for a full ten minutes total, and stayed with Jewls at the Hyatt, the following question was pretty much, "Get a little sumpin-sumpin from Julie, then?"


The last question soon followed. "Damn. You struck out, didn'tcha?"


I guess they think Harry right.
[/obscure popular movie reference]
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