March 26th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Comceptualization of Future Writings...

I need to update the KOF:EB site. Badly.

Problem is... My mind isn't there right now. It's in this new realm of possibility...

You see, a friend of mine named Mikel has his own game review article in a couple of small newspapers. This kinda got me thinking...

All the game reviews are for buyers.

As an avid renter, I've been plagued by reviews for great games that tell everyone to 'Go Get This Game Now!'. Take FFX, for example. Wonderful game. Except... I had no memory card. After 15 hours of gameplay, we nearly wept at the fact we had to TURN THE PS2 OFF.

Not a rental. A buy, not a rental.

For people like myself, I feel it neccessary to let them know my opinions. Judgements made by other people tend to go over well, after all.


Poll #24930 Should I?

Should I actually bother trying this task?

By all means, yes.
You gotta be kidding. No.
You'd be insane to try, but it sounds cool.
Please don't eat me.
Perhaps. I dunno.
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