March 19th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Stolen from skwirly's LJ

Collapse )<_< - consider police a friend or foe: They're FAMILY. - like the taste of alcohol: Yes. - have a favorite Stooge: No. I prefer the Marx Brothers. DO YOU - believe in astrology: No, but it's entertaining to see how accurate they can be. n.n - believe in magic: On occasion. - pray: Not really. - go to church: Nein. - have any secrets: Enough to keep me interesting and fresh. 9.9 - have any pets: The cat's hers. - go to or plan to go to college: I plan to go back. Perhaps Culinary School. Perhaps Bartending School. Maybe even Massage School. Perhaps SPSCC to get my AA, then maybe a four-year school after that. - have a degree: Highschool only. - talk to strangers who instant message you: No. - wear hats: On occasion. - have any piercings: One, and it's healed mostly. - have any tattoos: Not at the moment. - hate yourself: At times. - have a "hot spot": Several. - wish on stars: On occasion. - like your handwriting: At times. - believe in witches: Mostly. - believe in Satan: Negative. - believe in ghosts: Not particularly. - trust others easily: Heyl no. - like sarcasm: Who, me? - take walks in the rain: Not personal walks. Just ones to work. - kiss with your eyes closed: Yes. - sing in the shower: Rarely.
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