March 9th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Some Things of Varied Interest

In less than five hours, I begin my four-day weekend. I intend to get plastered.

I have new shoes. Dockers. Very comfy.

My tax return came in yesterday. $1,029.58. Yay. A cheque for $1,071 was immediately withdrawn and used to pay my rent. Easy come, easy go. Such is the nature of money.

jaiden will be coming down to visit soon... And not just for a fifteen minute pass-thru. Wai!

If people didn't know, and I'd wager almost all of you who read this don't, my birthday is on Wednesday. It's my 23rd, so it's not that bigga deal. Just be nice if people I know locally would remember without repeated prompting. u_u

Two more of my coworkers will be leaving the department, thus making the kill count 9 since last May. A little over one a month. Christ.
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Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

The Glasses Make the Man

Depending on the sunglasses I wear, I transform. Mirrorshades make me look like a hitman. Round frames turn me into a liberal free thinker, man. Other frames make me look like a cop, a geek, an intellectual, a punk, a surfer, a racer, a biker.

Now... I add 'eccentric musician' to that list.

They look similar to Elvis Costello's. Close to Jon Flansburgh's specs. Almost Snow-y.

They're cool. They're orangy-yellow. And they were on sale.

In this line of work, everyone has a weakness in their pocketbook. For some, jewelry. Others, cosmetics. Clothes are a perennial addiction for most. For me, my addiction is only seasonal... everything but winter. Sunglasses.

(In other news, the Christian Dior cosmetic line is releasing something new for Spring 2002. The Manga Look.)

(In other news, my coworkers are gonna take me out for my boithday! Halle-motherfuckin'-luejah!)
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