February 26th, 2002

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

State of The Weekend Address

Eenteresting weekend. Did almost two grand in sales on Saturday, stayed an extra hour and then went to Chibi-Chibi Con, the free anime con at TESC started last year. Danced like a maniac until every muscle in my body was screaming.

Which it continued to do all day Sunday and Monday. And today.


Sunday my parents came, armed with the determination to fix up my apartment. Got some vinyl tile stick-um flooring (nice stuff, bettr than what we had in the first place), a new toilet seat to replace the one my fat ass broke a few months ago, some grout (the stuff around the tub is ocky) and some cleanser. Yay! It'll look spifftoodles when we bail from this shithole. ^.^

After that, dinner and drinks with the fam at a little Italian hole-in-the-wall.

Monday was spent at home, online, torturing a chained reploid. Fun.

Now, it's Tuesday, my feet hurt and I'm at work.

Things can only get betta.
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