November 28th, 2001

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

Collibus Monkeys

They live beside me.

They live above me.

They come in to the place I work.

These devolved humans do nothing more than sling their hate at me, whether knowingly or not.

I'm not supposed to be up for another five hours, but I am up. Thanks to the neighboring shit-eaters doing whatever it is they do at three in the morning. Whatever it is, they do make quite a bit of noise.

The jerkoffs upstairs never, ever sleep... I pulled an all-nighter after Thanksfornothingday, and they never were quiet.

The cumsuckers next door think they're musicians. They must be deaf. At least they're stoned, alright. And they have loud sexual encounters... and the girl's moaning is the most musical piece of ratshit that ever eminates from the place. Wish they'd do it at NOON instead of midnight, so we could actually sleep.

No sleep for da Otta. If no sleep tonight... A long, deep sleep for a couple of monkeys.
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