October 22nd, 2001

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

*Mwa ha ha ha cough hack groan whimper sputter die*

I've been getting quite a reaction to my newest PhoenixMUCK character... Many, many casts like what I've done... and some are disturbed. I like. Heh heh heh.

Victim (Full name: J. Random Nobody) *OOC*
Sort: Player
Gender: Male
Species: Grade A Human
Series: There's not a Game nor a Series that isn't in need of a Victim...
Age: Between 18 and 25
Birthday: Like it matters...
Height/Weight: Variable by incident...
Class: Sputchmonkey!
Alignment: ...In a bodybag by the end of the scene.
Currently Connected.
No mail is waiting.
Short Description: That person who always dies randomly.
Miscellaneous: This is a reusable throwaway character! Do you need someone in your scene to whimper pitifully and still get killed? Call on me! I am happy to die repeatedly! Murder me all you want, evil beings! That's my job! n.n;
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Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing


Grand Tsar of The Klopfenstein Institute of Cloud Shape Analysis and Junior-High School, J. Random Nobody
Captain of Death and Bitch Slaps, J. Random Nobody
Minor Padishah-In-Training of Cheesy Comestibles, Your Dad and Waking And Baking, J. Random Nobody

Crown Marshall of The Reformed Order of Stating The Obvious, Vincent Ivan Walrustitty
Assistant Deputy of The Institute for Promotion of Bitch Slaps, Vincent Luftwafte Valentine
Paladin of Cannibalistic Rituals to the Glory of Quantum Mechanics, Don Vincent Jose Valentine VI

Duchess of Ramen Flava' Packets, Da Kuo Otta
Warden Junior Grade of Making Cheerleaders Squeal, Scrum-Diddly Da Kuo Otta
Vice Commander of The Love Which Dare Not Speaketh Its Name, Perky-L'il Da Otta, The Just

Sub Czar of Beating Dead Horses, Michael Trevor von Protopapas, the First Which Beareth Said Name
Knight of The Inept Navy of Pimpin' Hos, Brother Michael Eastham
El Rey of The Association for the Promotion of Random Acts of Violence, Bobby Trevor Eastham
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