October 12th, 2001

Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

My hair is BOSS!

I have really cool hair.

The best description I can give my hair is 'anime dynamic'. It's a blend of Iori's locks and Kyo's 'do. The color is, as I am reminded daily, absoultely gorgeous. It'd make a good quaff for some anime hero.

Actually, given the hair and my propensity towards long, billowy jackets, big swords, various firearms, glowing red eyes (happened once!) and my l33t martial arts skillz, I'd make a halfway decent hero/antihero. Combine that with my quiet, easygoing nature, an entertainingly quirky job title, wacky yet attractive co-workers, a humorous home life and a marketable animal sidekick, and you've got a show ready to animate. Toss in some tech, a furry chick or two, aliens and a multi-branched love... thing, you'd have a ready-made megabucks sci-fi series explosion!

You listening, Pioneer? o.o;
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Zero Punctuation - Demon Thing

eMode Aplenty...

Got caught up in eMode quizzes recently...

The Ultimate Personality Test - Critic
The Career Makeover - Astronaut
The Celebrity Matchmaker - Cameron Diaz
The Passion Preditor - Lion Tamer
What Breed of Dog Are You? - Bernese Mountain Dog
What's Your Celebrity Look? - Classic
What's Your Movie Mood Tonight? - Action
What's Your Perfect Car? - Minivan
What's Your Stress Style? - Stoic
What's Your Theme Song? - "I Feel Good", James Brown
What's Your True Color? - Brown
Which "Friend" Are You? - Chandler
Which Shoe Fits You? - Comfort Clogs
Who's Your Inner Rock Star - Chris Issak

Are You A Sex God? - Vulcan
Are You A Workaholic? - 50%
Are You High Maintenance? - 15% Material, 35% Emotional, 55% Personal
What's Your Shopping Style? - Bargain Billy

...and I'm not anywhere /NEAR/ done. u.u;
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