Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

Some Bullshit from 435

It's like a real post, only not!

  • 09:39 Packing up and checking out. #
  • 10:18 There are several things which might once again bring me here. But the city itself is not one of them. #
  • 10:22 @wilw It's TWENTY? Dear gods. Well, it did last how many seasons, from KMFA to CC to Sci Fi? Like, what, twelve? I mean, but still. #
  • 10:23 @twindigo You have a new computarmachien? Jawsomme! #
  • 10:39 Californians, current/former: txt me your favorite In-N-Out order, 1st experience was middling. Please to respond within the hour. Hungry. #
  • 11:18 Alcatraz is a lot closer than I thought. #
  • 12:04 The grilled onions are weird. #
  • 14:33 TSA dude: "Wow, you're really efficient. Fly a lot?" "No, sir, just an Enforcer." "...You mean PAX?" ( Aquired [+3 TSA Respect] ) #
  • 15:35 About to get in the air again. See you soon, PDX. #
  • 16:30 Plane was due to leave a half hour ago. Look like it may not leave at all. Engine trouble. >:| #
  • 16:43 RIGHT. So. Still here. Wondering WTF is to become of me. #
  • 17:01 Longest. Interairport. Gate-to-gate. Ever. #
  • 17:04 Flight cancelled! FUCK. ME. SIDEWAYS. With an eggplant. >_< #
  • 17:08 @groovetini Wanna come get me in San Francisco? You can cram it on ins once you get here. #
  • 17:26 Plane being replaced. Hopefully it's larger. #
  • 17:41 Gettin' gone, hopefully. Back onboard aircraft. #
  • 20:03 Landed. Hungry. Need drink. Heading home, will decide what's next from there. #
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