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School Breakdown - Week 1

First week of school is finis. It's official, I am a student. My joy is palpable.

  • My Drawing I instructor is a very laid-back, accomodating soft-touch. Very typical art instructor, as far as my own experience. The class is going to be dealing with a lot of contour drawings... In fact, I'm supposed to have 50 of the things done by the end of the semester. All sorts of different media and tools. I used a length of bamboo and india ink to dwar stuff! My neighbor's india ink got spilt, however, and some of that was onto the inner lining of my Tumi messenger bag. D'oh!

  • English Composition I is not as braindead as I had feared! The professor is... shaky in voice. She also says 'rhetoric' as 're-tor-ic' as opposed to 'ret-er-ik'. The latter is correct. It wouldn't bug me too much, except the course is subtitled 'Rhetoric'. >_<

  • 3D Modelling & Animation I should just be titled Autodesk Maya 8 I. This is the class I'm most excited about, and already am feeling really comfortable with. Despite the 50% attrition rate for the class, I don't see myself having any major problems. Yet. But the teacher's a hoot. <3

  • The class I was somewhat concerned about was Intro to Game Development. Now it's safe to say it's one I'm really looking forward to. It's a combination of a breakdown of the various roles in a development team, the process from idea germination to gold, and the history of the industry. I am fascinated.

  • Looks like I didn't have a prereq for Color Theory. Oops! I feel slick, though... Switched up the class whilst on a break from it, then came back and sat through the rest of it. Mainly because Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave was due to be viewed. Much love to Tom Park. <3 Back into Intro to Computer Graphics I go, starting next Monday (as this coming Monday is a holiday).

Also, it's been way too bloody cold.

Monday - [8:00-11:45] - Introduction to Computer Graphics
Tuesday - [12:45 - 16:30] - Drawing I
Thursday - [09:00 - 11:45] - English Composition I
Thursday - [12:45 - 16:30] - 3D Modeling & Animation I
Friday - [08:00 - 11:45] - Introduction to Game Development
Friday - [12:45 - 4:30] - Color Theory

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