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Oh, hey, I forgot to post my gatherings from the holiday.

19-piece Staedtler pencil set.
20-piece Staedtler colored fineliner set.
Jet Li's Fearless
$100 gift card for art supplies.
$250 gift card for kitchen things. ($230 spent on KitchenAid 12-cup Food Processor)
18 packages of Easy Mac. My parents amuse me.
Microwave Popcorn. It's okay, they don't know I loathe.
Paper cutter.
Wool sweater.
Pajama bottoms.
4 gig USB drive.
Miscellaneous edibles.
Miscellaneous trinkets.
Smith & Wesson .357 Revolver. Former duty weapon of a friend of my father's. Once used in a fatal shooting. C_C;

Last Second Pity Present: Hewlett-Packard Pavillion a1420e Desktop. Since my AGP slot died in my current machine.

And also... $950 worth of supplies from school!

Custom wheeled portfolio with AIP logo
24" ruler
18" bevelled ruler
10" Triangle
24" T-square
18" x 24" drawing pad
18" x 24" newsprint pad
9" x 12" sketch pad
11" x 14" bristol pad (x2)
Standard grid pad
9" x 12" construction paper pad (x3)
Roll of tracing paper
Cutting mat
X-Acto & 15 pack of blades
2xSided Tape
Drafting tape
Studio Tac
Glue stick (reminds me of grade school)
Bottle of india ink
12 pack of charcoal sticks
24-piece charcoal sketching set
4-piece Staedtler liner set
12-piece Staedtler pencil set (my parents got me a 19-piece. :3)
24-piece Prismacolor pencil set
3-hole pencil sharpener
Bulldog clip (x2)
Watercolor brushes (#2, #8, 1/2" flat)
Plastic rectangular palette
18" x 24" drawing board
10" x 12" light box
Col-erase pencils (Red, Blue)
Ream of standard paper
Large zip pouch
Animation peg bar
250 gig external hard drive (yowza)
Noise cancelling headphones

Overall... nice haul. My new gun, when cocked, has a hair trigger. o.o

Going in tomorrow to drop a class. I've got six, only wanted five, got the extra when a new class opened up.

So, lessee... New schedule looks like this:

Tuesday - [12:45 - 16:30] - Drawing I
Tuesday - [18:00 - 21:45] - Introduction to Computer Graphics (Drawing I opened up. Photoshop and Illustrator can wait a few months.)
Thursday - [09:00 - 11:45] - English Composition I (My breeze class. English and I are well aquainted.)
Thursday - [12:45 - 16:30] - 3D Modeling & Animation I (Ooh, Maya 8!)
Friday - [08:00 - 11:45] - Introduction to Game Development (No clue what to expect here. Should be interesting.)
Friday - [12:45 - 4:30] - Color Theory (This one's gonna be my brain-hurty.)

I must remember to pack in all my summer semester classes into Tuesday and Wednesday. For PAX and maybe something else.

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