Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

State of the Dipsh*t Address

My fellow Internetians...

My life... is pretty shambly right now. It consists of four sets of four walls (work, apartment, grocery store, train), and very little else. I am paid a pittance of a wage, and have been forced to consistently go over my checking account balance in order to survive. I also use the company's draw program to take advances on my checks, effectively making it so that I'm paid weekly.

However, this may soon change, somewhat. Yesterday, I had a scheduled interview at Yahoo! that blossomed into four separate interviews, two from billing and two from tech. Given the feedback I gathered, and that gathered by amilori and adequatemagic, I have a rather good chance at entering the company sometime soon.

I have been told that I need to provide a picture for amilori, so she can show her single female coworkers. I am slightly perturbed by the idea of being meat, but not enough to not post the image, seen here on the right.

Other than that... My skin has been acting up recently, I've gained some weight, and I'm preparing to act on both.

I've been doing IRC chat a lot recently, specifically with the Penny-Arcade Expo Enforcers crowd.

I finally got one of my City of Heroes characters to level 50. It's... amazing. I honestly thought it'd never happen.

I've become a Guitar Hero addict. I've got a #5 ranking for Breaking the Wheel on medium on

Hey, this post is short! And guess what. You're caught up in my life. Yes, I am that boring.
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