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Additives from an Olde Poste

The Cyborger!


T.U.R.K.S.: Transforming Unit Responsible for Killing and Sabotage
V.I.N.C.E.N.T.: Vigilant Intelligent Neohuman Calibrated for Exploration and Nocturnal Troubleshooting
T.S.E.N.G.: Technician Skilled in Exploration and Nocturnal Gratification
R.E.N.O.: Replicant Engineered for Nocturnal Observation
R.U.D.E.: Robotic Unit Designed for Exploration
E.L.E.N.A.: Electronic Lifeform Engineered for Nocturnal Assassination
R.U.F.U.S.: Robotic Unit Fabricated for Ultimate Sabotage
S.C.A.R.L.E.T.: Synthetic Cybernetic Android Responsible for Logical Exploration and Troubleshooting
I.X.: Intelligent Xenomorph
K.U.O.: Killing and Utility Organism
S.U.N.S.T.A.R.: Synthetic Upgraded Neohuman Skilled in Troubleshooting and Accurate Repair
S.E.V.E.N.: Synthetic Electronic Violence and Exploration Neohuman
B.A.H.A.M.U.T.: Biomechanical Artificial Humanoid Assembled for Mathematics and Ultimate Troubleshooting
D.I.A.B.L.O.S.: Digital Intelligent Android Built for Logical Observation and Sabotage
C.L.O.U.D.: Cybernetic Lifeform Optimized for Ultimate Destruction
T.I.F.A.: Terran Infiltration and Fighting Android
A.R.D.A.N.: Artificial Replicant Designed for Assassination and Nullification
O.R.A.K.I.O.: Obedient Robotic Android Keen on Infiltration and Observation
H.O.J.O.: Humanoid Optimized for Judo and Observation
R.E.E.V.E.: Replicant Engineered for Efficient Violence and Exploration
B.E.A.S.T.: Biomechanical Electronic Android Skilled in Troubleshooting
G.I.G.A.S.: General Individual Generated for Assassination and Sabotage
M.A.S.K.: Mechanical Android Skilled in Killing
C.H.A.O.S.: Cybernetic Hydraulic Android Optimized for Sabotage
S.E.P.C.: Synthetic Electronic Peacekeeping Construct
S.H.I.N.R.A.: Synthetic Humanoid Intended for Nocturnal Repair and Assassination
B.A.R.R.E.T.: Biomechanical Android Responsible for Repair and Efficient Troubleshooting
Y.U.F.F.I.E.: Ytterbium Unit Fabricated for Forbidden Infiltration and Exploration
R.E.D.X.I.I.I.: Robotic Electronic Device eXperienced in Infiltration and Intensive Instruction
C.I.D.: Construct Intended for Destruction
P.A.L.M.E.R.: Positronic Artificial Lifeform Manufactured for Exploration and Repair
Z.A.C.K.: Zombie Assembled for Calculation and Killing
A.E.R.I.T.H.: Artificial Electronic Replicant Intended for Troubleshooting and Harm
C.A.I.T.: Cybernetic Android Intended for Troubleshooting
S.E.P.H.: Synthetic Electronic Peacekeeping Humanoid
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