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Too Much

I am in utter disbelief regarding my coworker Ana. First off, she's dating a guy old enough to be her father, just broke it off with an 18-year-old kid whom just graduated from high school, and also just broke it off with a 24-year-old Korean girl. I'm a year her junior (which makes her 28).

Her aging beau asked her if she needed a car on their second date. She refused at that time. Now, two months later, she approached him and told him that, because he'd mentioned it before, she wanted him to buy her a car. A new car. Now.

When she told me this, I started to gag. Like, choking-type-gag. Full-on gag reflex. I was utterly disgusted. Any semblance of respect I had for her went completely out the window, into the street and jumped into the path of an oncoming bus to kill itself. My disgust is such that I really can't put it into words; it's an abomination to my train of thought.

I guess this goes back into my previous post, and her assertation that all women are golddiggers. Guess when you're that blatant of one, everyone looks like they are.

I feel sick. Luckily, I have air conditioning now, so I am at least comfortable in a temperature sense.

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