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[The Hunt] Perhaps Over

Thursday was a series of extreme highs and deep lows.

First, I get a text message on my phone from an old friend. High.

Then, I check my email. I get a series of nice little notes from several of my friends in CoH. The Pinnacle Roleplay (or Rebuild Paragon) Congress, the webboard I run, got hacked. They took my admin password, changed it and defaced the site. Locked out all other admins. Oh god. The site has huge amounts of data on it. The last backup I'd done was in November. I had planned on doing a backup before going into my interview, then updating the board's versions afterwards. The irony is rather bitter. Low of lows.

Interview... I wait 45 minutes for the damn thing, while going INSANE about the RPC. Just as I'm about to leave, I get in. Stream does tech support, customer care and sales via the phone, though it's inbound only. The interview goes smoothly, but the guy giving me the interview is fidgeting more than a gnome on crack. Low due to insult.

When I return from this interview, Kagami on PhoenixMUCK offers to help me out. He tries to walk me through the work necessary to fix the website, but it's beyond my capability. I hand my information over to him, and he makes a miracle happen. Glory, glory, hallelujah. The site is saved, I fix the hacker's crap as much as I can, and make a backup of the site. I then start with updatery. Damn. x.x High.

Get a call back from Toy World of Oregon, the place I interviewed with on Wednesday. Well, I interviewed so well with them that they're calling me back. They ask if 9am is okay on Monday, I say sure... Then I'm told it'll go until about 5:30. I'm going to do a full day walkthrough, you see. The VP of the company is in town. I'm getting paired with him to meet clients, examine how things run, and the like. Blink. Okay, sure, I'll be there. Um, yeah. Like I'd say no. High.

My friend, Steve Libbey, founder of the CCCP and the RPC in CoH, has invited me to a party. Well, with all the cleaning I was doing both of my apartment and of the site, I get going a wee bit late to get out there. It's a long ride in the darkness and I have no clue where I'm at. I nearly decide to say 'fuggit', jump off the bus and ask for directions when the driver calls out my stop. Oh, wow, happy day. Low, followed by high.

The party's good. Meet some interesting people. Dog-wrangle a bit to help keep Steve's pug, Champ, where we can find him. Listen to Steve and his band, the Golden Greats, play. Think Us3 doing a set with Devo. It works out well, really. Guitar, bass, drums, sax, trumpet, MIDI keyboard and a Drum Buddy, a light-based instrument. High.

Then someone right behind me lights up. The second the pot hits my nose, I get a massive headache. Covering my face with my coat, I get odd looks from people, including the potheads I'm giving serious stinkeye to. I seriously consider gutting one of them from crotch to sternum for their stupidity. Instead, I exit the tent the event was held in and stew alone. The last hour of the party was thus ruined, as I would attempt to re-enter the tent and be forced to leave five minutes later as someone else would light up. No hotboxing when a UI may be coming soon. And the headache doesn't help things. At least I'm not as bad as my high school friend, Peter, whom was one of those exceedingly rare people allergic to marijuana. Low due to homicidal thoughts.

Get home, and go bed.

Yesterday was boring, really didn't do much except connect to Xbox Live for a two-month free trial. If you're curious, or anything, my gamertag is 'FourThirtyFive'.

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