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New Year's Resolutions, 2006 Edition

Well, time for this year's pack of lies and bullshit! Hopefully, I might actually keep one until my birthday!

  • Get a CoH character to level 50.
  • Move.
  • Get back into school.
  • Get a non-retail job. HORRORS.
  • Chat with strangers at bars and restaurants. Hobnob. Network.
  • Get bass fixed and try to learn some.
  • Attempt to stop overanalyzing everything I think about doing and instead just GO and DO.
  • Get medicated. Living with bipolar ain't fun, yo.
  • Lose some weight. I'm creeping back towards my worst.
  • Keep in touch with people I need to. And want to.
  • Skate. That board cost money, yo. Use it.
  • Pump It Up! more.
  • Try and work PAX again.
  • Win the lottery.
  • Post here more.
  • Find myself.
  • Love.
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