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[Work] O NOES POWARTRIPP!!!!1!!onethousandonehundredandeleven!!

I had a talking-to at work yesterday. Seems many of the staff think I have begun to "powertrip" since my promotion. The truth of the matter is that I have grown a backbone... I am no longer just asking, "What can I do?" and, instead, saying, "I see this needs to be done, can you do it?" I'm generally seen as a follower, so trying to step up and lead apparently is against my nature and thus a powertrip. I can lead. I just haven't had the NEED to. I haven't told anyone my opinion before, because I haven't had the RANK to.

This stemmed from a simple request... I asked my other two assistant managers, rather nicely, I might add, to step into the back while doing their homework. One got pissed after they got back there and tod the other that I was trying to "undermine her authority." Now, first off, there are very, VERY few retail positions out there that have the time allowed for one to do their homework on the floor, and it's still not generally acceptable to do so when there are customers in the store. Let alone a store full of them. With two associates running around helping about three groups apiece. Now, I could have asked (or even told) them they needed to stop for a bit as to help the customers, and been fully within my right. They are not getting paid to do algebraic equations, they're getting paid to rack up sales. But, no, this was an act of rebellion, and utterly unacceptable. Ugh. So, I think that harassment thing (me against her) might be coming into play pretty darn soon. I may have to bring things up with the DM when she comes in week after next.

I'm trying to own my job... I have responsibilities and I want to be able to take on those responsibilities. But, also, apparently trying to get taught what those responsibilities ARE is powertripping. Jesus, can I not win?

Dammit, can't talk to the store manager right now, she's in Arizona... I need to talk to her. Because I think the girls are not too happy with my rapid rise as it stands. They might be trying to cut me down before I can become a threat... But what kind of threat do they think I can become? I'm on a time limit! I'm leaving in January, and they bloody well know it. Which may be the other reason.

I am a nice bundle of nerves right now. Can't stop shaking. My only outlet is CoH and CoV, which own my soul.
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