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[Work] Wendy, I Can Fly

I got hit by a car today!

I was walking back from having done the deposit for work, and had just picked up band-aids, when this bint in a black Accord (or similar), whom is on her phone and not paying attention, hits the gas as she looks the opposite direction in which she's moving.

I had no other choice but to bust out the Matrix action, as shown here in an artist's rendering:

I travelled a good ten feet before the brakes were applied, and I was flung back and onto my feet. Despite a bit of stumbling, I did manage to remain standing. I suddenly became the avatar for Rage, shouting at the woman to "get off the fucking cellphone, you fat cunt, and learn to fucking drive". And many more expletives. And, as an avatar of Rage, my presence was so fearsome that she turned and gunned it on out of there.

Pissing me off the most was the fact that in my infuriated stupor, I neglected to get her plate.

So, I'm a little sore. Gotta hit the Police Station tomorrow to go fill out an incident report, just in case... And, yeah.

I guess it might have been in her best interest to have driven off. Her driver's side window looked like a good target for a long moment there. =_=
Tags: life, rage, shit happens, work

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