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I made a commitment to people when I started my ride into the world of The Ineffable Game. To amurderofcrows, to annwyd, to thunderchild, to the players. My commitment was to be the wizard of Winterheart, to oversee the city I created. This commitment, I failed in.

But I created a place to house the knowledgebase of the game, in bulletin board format so I could do less work about it. I could have made an actual site, but went the route I did because I was lazy. It was a lot more work than I intended, but I did it anyway. This let me stay on as a staffer at the game. I did little, played up my laziness, and maintained my status as a very laid back individual.

I weathered the falling out of many people through that time, but the hardest would be the latest.

I made a commitment to the game, the people and the players. I had an obligation I couldn't pull away from with the board. I was heavily tempted to step aside, as durodragon and chaoticblue had. But I didn't quite have that choice. I tried to stay Switzerland, I did. But I don't think I succeeded.

I finally filled a commitment. But I burned a friend. And I feel like shit for it.
Tags: drama, gaming, mu*, shit happens

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