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[MU*] MotMq

<Public> Tony blinks. "Kobun made it to coder-status?"
<Public> Hikaru says, "That's the primary task Kobun was brought on for."
<Public> Tony says, "Neato."
<Public> Hikaru says, "To assist with tools."
<Public> Mike Haggar says, "Heh heh."
<Public> King says, "Oh, you mean it's actually 'player relations'."
<Public> Yuri goes wide eyed, "Kobun.. is a tool?!"
<Public> Mike Haggar says, "OOOOOOHO"
<Public> Mike Haggar says, "And King burns EVERYONE."
<Public> King says, "Including herself!"
<Public> Hikaru says, "King, you get a box of cookies."
<Public> King \o.o/

Also. 2 14-day CoH trial keys are available to anyone whom wants.

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