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Weekend Update (Without Dennis Miller)

Okay so I'm not as good at updating as I had hoped.

Excuse my typos... I'm on my m100.

This week was pretty consistantly a letdown. Single's Awareness Day came and went with only two cards, from my parents & my maternal grandmother. I, on the other hand, spent my allowance on chocolate roses for Marianne and my coworkers. Lisa, our merchandiser, and Terri, the hosiery specialist, gave me hugs. I got 'thank you's from Lynn, my manager, Katie, the watch spec, Melissa, the jewelry spec, Julie (Jules), former watch spec (now manager of Shoes), and Amy, my former manager when I was out in Holiday Lane last year (She just went through a horrible divorce). Now, I have no idea what I was expecting, but the lack of caffiene I suffered through for that chocolate... I felt unappreciated and used. Which, I know full well, I shouldn't. It wasn't expected of me... In fact, it was completely unexpected. I just wanted some payback or reciprocation or maybe just one more hug. Fugifeino.

Week otherwise is business as usual. Selling, maintaining, moving. Training, too... New permanent. Yay! Someone to maintain my handbags on my weekends!

Saturday came, and it was time for my monthly AD&D game! Yay! So I show up... and the game that was supposed to have started at seven... hasn't. In fact, I'm the first one there.

Two hours pass before the GM shows. Two more hours pass and he leaves. Much conversing happens between the host and I. It was very good. I hadn't had that opportunity ever, even though I've known her for years.

Casteen (the host) stole Marianne away on Sunday. Had house to self, did some baking, but not much else.

Bought grocieries today. Veggies. Yay! And now... Dinner out with Marianne.

Oo. A date.

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