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So, yesterday I finally found out the reason I haven't been getting trained up on closing/opening/return procedeures. I'm not a keyholder, nor will I be anytime soon. Despite the fact that was the position I was offered when I came to the store. Which was the reason I even accepted a retail job.

Now, there are supposedly many reasons for her decision... Of course, she won't tell me any of them. I'm not the one she needs to tell about these things, you see. She's not responsible to me for decisions she makes that affect me. Mm-hm.

The kicker is how I found out... I had a return that needed to be done. Aaron is the keyholder in the store, so I know, so I ask him to do it. He, in turn, asks the guy whom has been at the store about two and a half weeks to do it, which he starts. Klaxons go off.

So, I ask the manager, whom has come in later on her day off to wrap presents at the store, and she feeds me a line. What little she actually told me (besides I'm not responsible to you for my decisions and I can't tell you why I do the things I do) was complete horseshit. She even asked me if I wanted my pay demoted because I wasn't given the position I was hired into.

A month ago, you said you didn't even know where you stood.
> Yeah, because all training had stopped, you'd fired someone and lost another, and were tweaking out.
Didn't you think that something was up, since you've been here two months and haven't gotten any keys?
> Yeah, but I thought that some training would have been done prior to getting them. Which, I might add, you stopped halfway through my first day.
I just didn't feel you were responsible enough to leave alone.
> ...but you do it anyway.

My guess for the true reasons behind my lack of responsibility at the job are thus...
1. I was hired only because she needed someone (her interviewing skills suck ass, by the by), and therefore I was 'settled' on. Her district manager liked me, but she wasn't sure about it... Mostly, because of:
2. I remind her of Dan, my former coworker she despised. We have similar interests. We joke around in similar ways. We got along well. That's where things stop.
3. My way of doing things is a threat to her way. Her ideas of merchandising, store management and customer service are based more on the Dictatoral theorem than on a Customer Service idea of things. I want to make things pretty for customers, I want to move things around, I want change to keep stuff interesting and to switch up what sells and what doesn't. She wants things to stay where they are, and for our customers to change to us.

So, end mutterings. I'm going to be posting a new version of my resume up soon to every career website imaginable, beating on local large businesses doors, and making myself available for employment again, for I don't think I can work here any more. If anyone hears of something sweet in the Seattle area, drop me a line.

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