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Election Crapola

John Kerry conceded today. Even so, he did so in the world's best way: admitting that the country needed to heal, and that he and the President were the only ones whom could do it.

This hurts me, moreso than most Democrats. I was on board with Kerry from the day he was first shown to me. Of course, my initial impression was not the John Forbes Kerry we saw throughout most of the election, but instead John Fucking Kerry, as The Stranger called him. This was a man that had spent decades trying to do the best for his country, from volunteering in Vietnam, to fighting against it later, to entering public office... He was a good man, and a man I thought would have made a great leader. But Forbes overthrew Fucking, and therefore injured himself.

We find these truths to be self-evident:
  • The Democrats tried to fight a high-minded battle. The Republicans fought an in-the-gutter war.
  • The Democrats tried to bash the President's record. The Republicans bashed the Senator's name.
  • The Democrats called for Anybody But Bush (tm). The Republicans wanted a single leader.
  • The Democrats tried to get everyone to vote. The Republicans tried to stifle their rivals.

On November 2nd, 2004, the people of the United States stepped forward to decide which smear campaign worked better. We found that the Republicans' shit clung the best.

The next four years will not be easy. It'll be easier for people such as myself, being a caucasian male, than it will for others of other ethnicities or gender. The Republicans now hold a majority in both houses of Congress, and many states... We will be seeing a sweeping change towards the right that will take many years to fix.

The Left of the United States is almost the Right in many other nations. Our Right is so right it's nearly off the map elsewhere. With our political alignment this far right, we are not only a threat to other nations now, but to ourselves.

The elctoral college needs to go... Let us go to Cumulative Voting instead.

Oh, and I'm making plans for Rodham-Clinton in 2008.


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