Four Thirty Five (435) wrote,
Four Thirty Five

I had to reformat the harddive and reinstall Windows. Something decided to make it lock up during startup. :P

Anyway, lost all my MU* addresses. I need:

  • PhoenixMUCK
  • The Ineffable Game
  • Kiai no Musha (yes, it's 'closed', but I still need infostuffs from there)
  • JipangMUCK
  • Black Gate MUX
  • Match of the Milennium
  • Project Infinity
  • Soft Reset

Oh, and I can't get Trebuchet Tk to work anymore. ._. Gotta fetch myself a new client.

[EDIT] Thanks a bundle for the info, folks. I got Treb to work again, so I can be happy and different again.
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